Running makes you smile!

It’s been one of those weeks, a week when I’ve felt knackered; daunted by the challenge ahead of me; desperate for it all to be over and done with; desperate for time to slow down, unable to believe that I will be able to run 26.2 miles; trying to figure out what the hell I’ve signed up for; slightly overwhelmed by family life; worried I’m not giving the family all the attention they need; aware that my already dwindling house tidying skills were dwindling even more and then something amazing happened…

Today in an effort to relax and remind myself why I run, a lil’ lady and I volunteered to be tail runners at Blackhill Parkrun, this would allow me to do my planned 3.1 miles but in an easy fashion whilst nattering away and enjoying myself. 

So… what was amazing about tail running today?  Well, let me show you!

The lovely Christine is one of two fabulous photographers who volunteer every week to take pictures of all the runners whatever the weather! Today her pictures were as amazing as always but this particular picture summed up why I run, Eff’s normally poses for any camera but here she’s completely natural, caught up in the joy of running, enjoying herself and loving the moment. And you know what? It reminded me why I run, yes..marathon training is tough and it’s a pain in the bum at times but I’m doing it because I can and because I love running.

So… Eff’s tomorrow’s 18 miler is for you with mummy’s love and thanks for reminding me that running is fabulous and lots of fun xxx


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