Can I really wear that?!

Today’s post is sort of running related ,but is really about how we all need to learn to appreciate and acknowledge our successes. Bizarrely, it was inspired by a pair of shorts, “shorts?” I hear you cry. Well let me tell you a story…

As part of my New York prize, New Balance sent me some fabulous new running kit and very pretty shoes (and you all know how I love a pretty pair of running shoes).  Included in my box of goodies was a pair of shorts and not just any type of shorts, a pair of teeny, tiny, short shorts.  A pair of shorts I looked at and decided I would never ever wear as I didn’t have the confidence or guts, that was until the temperature started to rise. This evening as it got hotter and we got closer to running club time I took those shorts out of the wardrobe and decided to put them on. 

In fact, I actually thought “sod it, it’s hot out there”, after a minor wobble about whether or not my wobbles would wobble and applying copious amounts of Body Glide, I opened the front door and stepped out…

You know what? The sun didn’t fall from the sky, birds didn’t start flying backwards and no one gave me a second glance and suddenly it didn’t matter that I was out in public running through the village in a pair of shorts.

This body of mine is 12.5 stone lighter than it was, it runs marathons, it tap dances, it runs marathons, it walks (and bloody well aches at present), it moves and it’s time I was proud of it and all that it has achieved.

So… ladies and gents, embrace your body, be proud of it and celebrate your successes!!!


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