A pain in the…

Here’s a brief thank you for all your prayers to the gods of running injuries, I’m not on the injury bench – hooray!!!

I am broken, but only a little broken and if I’m honest it’s what you’d expect to see in someone who’s run 2 marathons in 5 weeks. But I’m not massively broken and that is the most important thing!!!  As we’ve discussed many times before, 2 marathons in 5 weeks maybe wasn’t my brightest moment but I smashed it and now run marathons!!! I just need to work on recovering properly now so I don’t become massively broken.

So… back to my injury and yes as suspected, it relates to my arse and my hamstring, in fact it’s looking like taping it on Sunday was a good idea. I’ve got an inflamed piriformis (basically a pain in my arse), a tight hamstring, stiff couple of lower vertebrae and tight muscles round them. My lovely physio got straight to work with manipulation, kneading and acupuncture after watching my crap attempts to touch my toes. We’re so lucky to have a fabulous sports therapy clinic in the village with wonderful physios who will do anything and everything to keep you moving. 

Instead of being told to stop running for a while, I’ve been told I’m okay to run as long as I do proper stretches (not silly runner stretches), take it easy, try to stay flat and not attempt any type of speed work (yesterday’s fartleks probably weren’t the best idea!). If I follow those golden rules I’ll be absolutely fine!!

To celebrate I laced up my new shoes from New Balance and along with Tommy and Effie went out for a nice, gentle 3.1miler, the first half mile was a little ‘different’ but after that my leg eased and I was able to run largely pain-free. Eff’s and I then spent a good 10 minutes stretching properly (not my usual quick stick a leg out stretch) when I realised why stretching is good for you, boy it felt good, by the end I was happily touching my toes and feeling strong. 

Rolling my piriformis with a ball against the wall was less than fun and reminded me that we all need to look after our arses because if we don’t we’ll experience an awful lot of pain in them and let me tell you, that’s no fun.

If anything today’s motto for you all is stretch, stretch, stretch and stretch properly, it’s better in the long run!


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