Who’d have known?

I’ve recently developed a wee bit of an insta-fascination, a world where every day has a different hashtag, Monday is #medalmonday, Friday is #facetofacefriday and Tuesday is #transformationtuesday. 

Tuesday’s are the day when you show the virtual world how you’ve transformed yourself, a day when you realise just how far you’ve come and proudly show the world your achievements. Usually, you post your pic, enjoy the positive comments and carry on, today seemed slightly different. I posted the image below and suddenly realised that I’ve come so far, whilst I no longer look like the woman in the left I still have the same fears, thoughts and hopes as she’s still me.

Losing weight is flipping tough and in a sense losing 12.5 stone has given me the strength to run two marathons, how “reality tv” does that sound?! “I’ve been on a journey”, except I have been on a journey, a journey from the overweight child who was teased for being fat to the teen desperate to lose weight to fit into the same clothes as her friends, to the 19 year who lost weight but then thought she’d swallowed a magic pill and returned to her old ways resulting in the start of a yo-yo dieting way of life.

Yo-yo dieting was part of my life, I’d lose a couple of stone and put it back on, plus some and suddenly I was 38 and heavier than I’d ever been, I was slowly, but surely eating my way into an early grave, a poster girl for all sorts of health problems that were on my horizon and someone who was deeply unhappy with what she’d become.

I still don’t know what stopped the yo-yo cycle this time, but somewhere inside me a lightbulb clicked on and I fought my way through the good and bad times as I lost weight. Now I’m at target I’ve remembered that I’ve not swallowed a magic pill, instead I work hard every day to maintain my weight for fear of becoming the woman on the left again. This time it’s both a physical and mental with the mental side being the hardest part of this battle of mine. I know if I take my eye off the ball I’d be at the start of a very slippery slope, a slippery slope that would be difficult to circumvent. 

Looking at that image I’ve suddenly realised that I’m a stronger woman, have achieved (and will achieve) far more than I’d ever thought possible!


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