The unexpected race!

You know how it is when you suddenly feel like you’re back in the game and your other half goes off to a race and you don’t?! 

Okay, so what’s a girl to do? I could buy shoes, expensive handbags, new clothes or I could sign up for an unexpected race, and that ladies and gents is what I did this weekend. Saturday morning pre-Parkrun saw me clicking “buy a race place” on the Run Nation website for today’s Bamburgh 10k. 

Normally I’d book a race months in advance so I knew I was in tip top condition, we’d have it planned out on our race schedule, we’d know what we were doing and ready to go. Well, this weekend was slightly different and led to a completely different race experience that I loved.

I was ridiculously excited about running today, even more than Edinburgh and so very different to the adrenaline fuelled buzz of London, today I was excited about going out to run and challenge myself. I was also so excited about joining two Weardale Flyers who were running their first ever 10k race.

The race itself was wonderful, we started in the grounds of the beautiful Bamburgh Castle running down from the castle into the village and then out towards Seahouses before heading back to the finish in front of the castle, sounds easy! Advertised as a flat race I quickly remembered that flat in the North East is an acronym of “flipping large ascent tackled”, yes, the inclines weren’t as steep as the Kirkley half, Kirkley 10 miler or Blackhill Parkrun, but they were still inclines! 

Setting out I knew I secretly wanted my first sub 60 official 10k time, but 2 weeks out from Edinburgh I wasn’t sure, in fact if I’m totally honest with you I really wanted sub 57 minutes. As we started I felt strong, my arse wasn’t as sore as it has been and I was loving being part of a small field of runners, people who were out there challenging themselves and having fun. I’m sure the scenery was beautiful but all I can really remember seeing is the road in front of me, hearing the bleep of my watch as the miles passed, smelling bacon as we ran through the village and wishing that it wasn’t as humid as it had become.

I remember looking up at one point and the castle seemed to be moving away from us rather than getting closer which reminded me a bit of the advice I’d read before London that said Big Ben has a habit of fooling you into thinking you’re closer to the end than you really are. Well, Bamburgh Castle was my Big Ben today, it was all I could do to stop swearing out loudly!

Running back into Bamburgh I was knackered, but buzzing from the fun of running an unexpected race an opportunity to add an extra 6 fast miles to my New York marathon plan.

The Flyers who were also racing did so well, today was the first time they’d ever run 10k and they conquered the distance with ease, glamour and class.

And my time?! Well, I smashed 60 minutes, in fact I smashed I annihilated 57 minutes by coming in at 55 minutes exactly a time that surprised me and now also has me desperate to behave another second off my time to get sub 55!

The motto for this weekend is most definitely, embrace life, do something unexpected and most of all, have fun doing so.


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